Do you love testing out new products for free? Then you need to join the influenster community! Want to know how to sign up and how to get free products? It's simple! Find out in this blog post by Remaining Meg

Why Sign up for Influenster (And How to Qualify for a Voxbox)

Have you signed up for Influenster yet? I discovered Influenster a few years ago and since then, have received a whole bunch of free products to test and review. It’s free, fun, and doesn’t take up a lot of time. If you’re like me, and love discovering new products and trying them out, download the app and sign up! It’s super easy.

How Does Influenster Work?

Sign up! You can sign up from either a computer or by downloading the app on your smartphone. Once you’re all signed up, connect all of your social media accounts to Influenster. The more you connect, the better! Influenster will tally up your total number of followers and this gives you an “impact score”. Your impact score is basically your reach on social media and how many opportunities there are for others to read about your experience and the products you try.

What’s Next?

Start Earning Your “Badges”

Unlock Expert and Lifestyle Badges such as Fashionista, Fitness, Tastebud, etc. by writing reviews and answering questions about products you already know and love. These will help Influenster know what type of products you’re interested in.

Maybelline Voxbox - Remaining Meg Blog

Complete Your “Snaps”

When you login to your Influenster dashboard, it will notify you if you have any snaps available. Snaps are preliminary questions that help Influenster determine whether or not certain products/campaigns are a match for you. They literally take you 2 second to complete. You may have one, ten, or none when you login. Snaps are totally random and you have no control over when you have them, so check frequently!

Pre-survey and Campaigns

When Influenster thinks that you’re a good fit for a campaign/Voxbox (AKA your free products and the tasks that go along with it) you’ll be sent a pre-survey directly to your e-mail. Make sure to fill this out ASAP, and especially make sure to confirm your address on the last screen!

Should Influester determine that you’re a fit for one of their campaigns, lucky you! First, you’ll get an e-mail notifying you that “you’re in” and your Voxbox is on its way. This will include a tracking number. Once you receive your box, let the fun begin!

Kerastase Voxbox- Remaining Meg Blog

When Your Voxbox Arrives

You’ll have the opportunity to complete a variety of tasks and write about your experience with the products. This may include posting images on social media, writing a review, sharing a YouTube video etc. These are almost always optional. However, completing these tasks helps you gain the badge for that box and you’ll have the opportunity to get an additional free product from Influenster. The rules/guidelines for each Voxbox will be available for you.

There are always 2 mandatory tasks you have to complete:

  1. “Check-in” your box so Influenster knows you received it.
  2. A follow-up survey once you’ve tested the product (this is emailed to you at the end of the campaign).

That’s it!

Tips for Getting a Voxbox

Influenster will tell you that luck and timing have a lot to do with it. You don’t necessarily need a huge impact score to get one (although I’m sure it helps). But, the more tasks you do, the better chance you have of qualifying for a Voxbox.

I’ve found the key to getting a Voxbox is to login to my dashboard often (or periodically) and complete some tasks. I’ll be honest, there have been times I haven’t done anything on Influenster for a month or two at a time. When I come back and start writing reviews and completing snaps again, I have no problem qualifying for programs. Don’t just sign up and expect to get free stuff without doing any (simple) work.

What Else Can You Use Influenster For?

Reading Review

As someone who is obsessed with reading reviews before I buy anything new, Influenster is my go-to! For some products, there are literally thousands of reviews for you to read through. Also, Influenster requires that all members disclose that they received a product for testing purposes when writing a review if they received it in a Voxbox. It can be helpful to know this when reading reviews.

The Influenster Community

Influenster has a Community Q&A feature that allows you to connect with other Influensters and ask questions or have a general discussion. (i.e.: What’s the best liquid foundation for acne prone skin?)

Product News/Articles

On the home screen of the app, you’ll see product news, articles, and video regarding the newest products that are available. As someone who loves to stay up to date on what’s new, I love this feature!


You can also create “lists” for your favorite products, products you’ve tried, etc. for sharing with other Influensters and on social media.

Bite Voxbox Remaining Meg Blog

My Experience

Some of the Voxboxes that get sent out are truly awesome! If you follow Influenster on social media, you get a peek at each of the new boxes being sent out. I see a lot of beauty/personal care items (my favorite!) as well as some food items. In the past, they have actually sent out Keurig coffee machines to Influensters!

Some Voxboxes are customized. If you qualify for one of those, you’ll be asked about a preference in size/color etc. in your pre-survey. One of the best customized Voxboxes that I saw and was totally jealous I didn’t get, was a Victoria’s Secret box, including a sports bra and water bottle!

Some of the VoxBoxes I’ve received:

  • TLC Voxbox: Neosporin, tissues, Ivory soap, Avon wrinkle smoother, coupon for free container of Breyer’s gelato
  • Vaseline Voxbox: A full-size lotion (now a favorite for dry, winter hands!)
  • Maybelline Voxbox: 2 liquid matte lip colors
  • Pampers Voxbox: 3 Diapers and coupon (Customized Voxbox)
  • Quaker Voxbox: 1 Granola bar and coupon
  • Carefree Voxbox: Package of panty liners
  • Cover Girl Voxbox: Mascara and liquid liner (now a favorite eyeliner!)
  • Bite Beauty Voxbox: 3 full-size lip sticks in different shades (Retail: $26 each)
  • Kerastate Voxbox: Shampoo and Conditioner (Retail: $40+ each)
  • Tommee Tippee Bottle Gift Set (Retail $99)
  • Poppy Voxbox:  Rimmel eye liner and lip gloss, Tide Pods, Nivea lotion, Eva NYC Dry Shampoo, Nyakio face polish, 7th Heaven nail masques
  • Emporio Armani Voxbox: Stronger With You cologne and perfume set (Retail: $138)

Poppy Voxbox provided free of change for testing purposes courtesy of Influenster!

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Already an Influenster member? Share your experience in the comment section! What are some great Voxboxes you’ve received?

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  1. LOVE Influenster. Basically cried when I got the new Marc Jacob’s eye shadow palette! Cannot wait for my next VoxBox…you have gotten some AMAZING goodies!! 🙂

  2. I’m definitely signing up for Influenster after reading this! Thanks so much. I’ve been a bit skeptical about it but Influenster seems pretty cool to be a part of. Pinning this for later (I will need to reread this info, lol).

  3. I did sign up and I have gotten 2 surveys but one asked about coloring my hair from a box and one asked about butter. Unfortunately did not get either but hopefully more options will come soon . i will start logging on more

  4. Hi Meg!
    I’m new to influenster and don’t do social media. Outside of youtube and pinterest, it’s just too much of a headache. Any suggestions?

      1. Hi Jeanie,
        You’re right, many do require social media, but also just writing review for the products that you already love and have right in your house will also help you build up your score!

    1. Thanks Amanda, give it a try again! If you signed up a while ago, it may be different than when you initially used it. They reconfigured things a while back in terms of impact score, and badges; how to earn them, how many you can have, etc.

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