Unique Gift and Date Combos That Will Win Valentine’s Day

Unique Gift and Date Combos that Will WIN Valentine's Day. In need of some fresh ideas this year? Check out my top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts with coordination date night ideas. There's no doubt you'll BOTH enjoy these!- Remaining Meg Blog

We can all agree Valentine’s Day is a total girl holiday

Most years I can’t help buy feel a little bit bad that it’s so one sided. Does my husband want to go taste wine and eat tapas? Hell no, but he does it for me. And when it comes to gifts, I get my favorites- chocolates and flowers, and he usually ends up with a bunch of grocery store candy and a card. We’ve been together for 10 years so when it comes to gifts I’m tapped out of ideas. This year I tried to think a little outside of the box. I’ve come up with some super fun Valentine’s Day gift and date combos that are sure to WIN Valentine’s Day! And most importantly, ideas that both you AND your partner will enjoy!

Keep in mind that none of these have to occur on Valentine’s Day. In my experience, going out on Valentine’s Day can be a little disappointing and overrated. You can have a special night with your love and it doesn’t have to be on February 14th.

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Here are 5 Fresh and Unique Ideas for You…


Beer flight tasting set

The Gift: Beer Flight Tasting Set complete with chalk board. Grab some chalk markers while you’re at it!

The Date: Purchase a bunch of different micro brews and have a laid back at-home beer tasting night. Rate your favorite ones. My favorite grocery store has a “Pick Your Own 6-Pack” section, where you can choose from tons of different beers, ciders, and malts for one flat price.  Be sure to pick up some snacks to munch on as you sip.

Bonus Idea: If you have any craft breweries nearby, start the evening by visiting one or two!

Sugarfina- Sugarfina- Champagne Gummy Bears, Peach Bellinis, Bella Rosas, Pale Ale Pints

The Gift: Gourmet Adult Candy from Sugarfina

Want to feel like you’re a kid again, grabbing that candy out of the bulk candy bins? You’ll want to check out Sugarfina. This is a dream come true for the adult with a sweet tooth. You’ll find a wide assortment of amazing candy and chocolates from all over the world that are sure to make anyone smile. Single malt scotch cordials, pale ale pints, bellini peach hearts, and so many more.

The Date: A traditional movie date is always fun. Live on the edge and stuff your pockets and purse with contraband candy. Who says it’s against the rules? It’s gourmet, so its OK.

Fun Alternative: If you have a Movie Tavern in your area, have some dinner while you enjoy a movie!

Valentine's Dinner

The Gift: Monthly Whiskey/Wine Subscription

The Date: An In-Home 3 Course Dinner by Chef-4-Rent

This one is definitely a treat for both of you. Chef DeAnna at Chef-4-Rent has your whole night covered! Her in-home meal service includes a 3 course meal, table setting, wine pairing, flowers, and she’ll even take the trash with her when she leaves. You can have an amazing, romantic night with your love without even lifting a finger. I know if my husband were to set up something like this, it would totally knock my socks off!

Fun Alternative: Don’t have a service like this in your area? Try a cooking class, meal delivery service, or simply cooking a meal together in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy your adult beverages while you cook!

Indoor S'more Maker

The Gift: Indoor S’more Maker

The Date: I’m not much of a camper, thankfully, neither is my husband. I’m more of a “glamper” (which I very much hope to do one of these days). But, you can turn your living room into a romantic, secluded getaway with a little imagination. If you have a fireplace, set up shop right by it. Make an old-school fort, or tent out of sheets and blankets, like we used to do as kids. You know, when we had sticks and rocks to play with instead of ipads and hoverboards. Turn off the lights, light some candles and disconnect from the world. Top off the night by using your at-home s’more maker! If you really want to feel like you’re under the stars, temporarily lift the electronic ban and pull up the Star Walk app. This allows you to point your device to the sky and view the constellations right above you.


The Gift: Sports Apparel

The Date: Get a pair of tickets to your love’s favorite team’s sporting event and enjoy a night out together. Throw on your team’s gear and grab some dinner or drinks before the game. In our house, it’s all about SU. If your love is a Syracuse fan like mine, shop locally at Manny’s for the best Syracuse apparel!

Bonus Idea: After rooting for your favorite team, try playing on the same team at Dave and Busters. See how many tickets you can rack up together. Use the tickets to “buy” a cheesy gift for one another.

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