Who would have though that there would be so many similarities between parenting and college? Parenthood is not easy and somedays it feels like you're reliving those desperate college days. 25 Reasons Parenting is Like College | Remaining Meg Beauty & Self-Care Blog | remainingmeg.com #parenting #momlife

25 Reasons Parenting is Like College

  Let Me Tell You About My Roommates They’re high maintenance, sloppy, and at times a little bitchy. I love them with all of my heart but MAN do they drive me crazy. We do have a lot of fun together though, picking out outfits, doing hair, reading together, bubble baths. My least favorite thing […]

When life is stressful and you need a break from it all but can't get to a spa, follow these tips and tricks to turn your own bathroom into a quiet, relaxing, peaceful retreat. Turn your bathroom into a DIY spa, no demolition required. It all starts with a bubble bath. - Remaining Meg Blog | Remainingmeg.com

How to Have a Spa Experience in Your Own Bathroom

How to Have a Spa Experience in Your Own Bathroom What is it about the sight of my bathroom door closing that makes my children cry, need a snack, see monsters and poop their pants, simultaneously. I can barely hear myself think most days, let alone carve out 10 minutes of quiet time for myself. My […]

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and life in general, sometimes you need to take a step back and hit the ‘reset’ button. Taking care of yourself mentally is the most important self-care routine that you can incorporate into your daily life, especially if you suffer from anxiety. For many people, mindfulness is a difficult thing to achieve, but by taking baby steps we might be able to get there. Try these strategies and tips, here’s how to turn off your mind and enjoy the moment.

5 Ways to Turn Off Your Mind and Enjoy the Moment

Why is being present, in the moment such a hard thing to accomplish? I think mindfulness is an especially difficult thing to achieve when you’re a parent because you’re not just thinking for yourself, but for the other lives you’re responsible for. It can be incredibly draining, MENTALLY. For me, my attention always seems like […]

Somedays, you're not so fabulous. Somedays you're ugly Barbie. What happens when you fall behind on your self-care routine? Find out on Remaining Meg - Blog
What's Remaining Meg all about? Remaining Meg has always been about remaining true to your fabulous self. How do you stay true to yourself while trying to balance work life, family life and social commitments? I'm here to help you with that. It is possible to be a mom and also be totally fabulous. -Read more on Remaining Meg's Blog

Remaining Meg Turning Up The Fabulous

Where Has Remaining Meg Been?  Back in January when I wrote my post about what my 2017 goals were (in case you missed it, read them here), I mentioned that one of my goals was to revamp Remaining Meg. It’s not that I’m necessarily changing the topics I’m writing about, but it’s been bothering me […]

2017 The Year of Goals, Not Resolutions - For 2017, I haven’t made any resolutions, I have lifestyle changes and clear goals. I think this will be much more effective - Remaining Meg Blog

2017 The Year of Goals, Not Resolutions

Yes, I’m a few days late to the party, on this whole 2017 thing but it’s never too late to set goals for yourself, and that is what I intend on doing in 2017! The thing about resolutions is that it’s really easy to forget about them, cheat on them or in my case, not make any […]

What have I learned about self-care in my 30’s? For starters it doesn’t make you selfish or self-indulgent. It’s a form of self-respect, and necessary for survival, especially if you have anxiety. Here are the tips and strategies that I’ve incorporated into my everyday life to deal with stress. What’s your most essential self-care routine? Remaining Meg Blog


HOW I REEVALUATED MY SELF-CARE ROUTINE As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become much more aware of the importance of self-care. Whether you’re married or single, have children or not, stay home or are a member of the working world, taking care of yourself is so super important. Everyone has things going on in their lives […]

Are My 30's Middle School Revisited? Observations of an Awkward Decade - Remaining Meg Blog


Some days I find myself wondering if my 30’s are really just middle school revisited? Middle school. The most awkward time in 90% of people’s lives. Yes, there is a small percentage of people that never experience an awkward stage in their life. And we secretly hate them. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy middle […]

Be Your Flamingo- Always be true to yourself and the things you love. Stand up for yourself and find your own way to stand out in life -Remaining Meg Blog


  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have such a love for pink flamingos When I went to college my freshmen year, one of the first things I hung up in my dorm room was a strand of pink flamingo lights. My roommate, whom I had just met, didn’t even bat an eyelash. […]