Who would have though that there would be so many similarities between parenting and college? Parenthood is not easy and somedays it feels like you're reliving those desperate college days. 25 Reasons Parenting is Like College | Remaining Meg Beauty & Self-Care Blog | remainingmeg.com #parenting #momlife

25 Reasons Parenting is Like College

  Let Me Tell You About My Roommates They’re high maintenance, sloppy, and at times a little bitchy. I love them with all of my heart but MAN do they drive me crazy. We do have a lot of fun together though, picking out outfits, doing hair, reading together, bubble baths. My least favorite thing […]

Somedays, you're not so fabulous. Somedays you're ugly Barbie. What happens when you fall behind on your self-care routine? Find out on Remaining Meg - Blog