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Did you know that there is a Birchbox STORE in NYC? It's a beauty experience you don't want to miss! If you love makeup, skincare, beauty products and of course, shopping, then you need to put this on your itinerary. Here are 7 fabulous things that you can do, right at their store. #beautyproducts #subscriptionbox | Remaining Meg Beauty & Self-Care Blog

7 Reasons You Need to Visit the Birchbox Store

  7 Reasons to Visit the Birchbox Store If you’re a Birchbox fan like me, then you need to visit the Birchbox store next time you’re traveling to New York City! I take that back, if you’re a beauty babe (or dude) who loves makeup, skincare, and pampering of any kind, then put this stop […]

The 7 Most Versatile Beauty Products. Are you looking to save some time and money in your beauty routine? You can still take care of your skin, and hair with these little beauty hacks and tips. These are the BEST 7 beauty products with the most versatile uses. Remaining Meg Beauty Blog #beautyhack #beautytip #beautyblogger

The 7 Most Versatile Beauty Products

Beauty Hacks At Their Best Whether you’re a busy mom, a working girl, or just a hot mess that can’t get it together, sometimes we need to cut corners in our beauty routine. Whether it’s because time is a factor, money is a factor, or you simply don’t want to purchase all of those products […]

10 Best Beauty Essentials for Busy Moms. As a mom, you need your makeup routine to be easy, quick, and of course, last all day. You makeup routine doesn't need to be time consuming or costly. Here are the 10 best beauty products for moms | RemainingMeg Beauty &S Self-Care Blog #beautyblogger #makeup

10 Best Beauty Essentials for Busy Moms

Beauty Essentials for Busy Moms If you’re a mom then chances are your beauty routine isn’t what it was prior to having kids. Most days you need your makeup routine to be easy, quick, and of course, last all day. Because who actually has time (or the energy) to reapply their makeup in the middle of […]

Did you know that Sephora offers FREE beauty classes!? Even if you’re a pro, you need to take advantage of these. Want to know why you need to attend, how to sign up and how to get the most out of your visit? Follow these tips!– Remaining Meg Blog

Sephora Beauty Class Review and Tips

Did You Know That Sephora Offers FREE Beauty Classes? If you haven’t attended a beauty class at Sephora, put it on your to-do list! I like to think I’m pretty savvy in terms of makeup and beauty trends, but there’s always something new to learn! The classes are taught on a variety of topics including, […]