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14 Tips for surviving Black Friday, and getting the most bang for your buck! Shopping tips, saving tips, and strategy planning can be found here! Whether you're shopping online, or going out don't miss these! - Remaining Meg Blog #BlackFriday #ShoppingTips

Let’s discuss Black Friday…the good, the bad and the ugly. As a dedicated lover of shopping, I always gets so excited for that one special shopping day of the year.

For me, Black Friday has always signified the start of the holiday season, despite the “Christmas Creep” that gets closer and closer every year.  It’s the green light to start shopping, decorating, and singing Christmas carols that my daughter requests I stop singing immediately after I begin. It really is the best day of the year to buy just about anything, electronics, clothes, appliances, you name it!

There were several years when I ventured out like a crazy person on Black Friday. I was in the parking lot of the mall when then open at 4am, then the next year when they opened at 2am, and finally when they opened at midnight. I gave that all up when I realized that you can get the same exact deals online! With the exception to this being door buster deals (for many stores), but really, is it worth staying up all night to get an Elf DVD for $2?

Black Friday Mall

If you plan on leaving your house on Black Friday, you’ll have a blast, if you follow these 14 tips…

  1. Make a Plan

Browse ads before you go. And if your plan is just to wander around and find any great sales that strikes our fancy, that’s great! In my opinion, that’s the best way to experience Black Friday. Get tips on making a holiday shopping plan of attack here.

  1. Download the TGIFB App!

You can download the app TGIBF to see all ads that are available and top deals! With this app you can also save items onto a list which allows you to compare deals from store-to-store! I highly recommend it for the serious shopper!

  1. Double Check Store Hours

Yes, some malls are taking a stand against Thanksgiving Day shopping and are closing their doors that day/evening, but many are still open. Double check store/mall hours before leaving home.

  1. Mentally Prepare for Disappointment

If you really want/need one of those big ticket item, go for it, but be prepared to be disappointed. The stock is always limited and unless you’re one of those crazy people that camps out outside of a store, you’re probably not going to get that item (Unless you’re ready for a MMA fight). You may also be waiting in a SERIOUSLY long line JUST to get the item, and that’s not even the same line you will checkout in. Best Buy is one store I’ve seen do this. Remember, you can always try to get that same deal online. Your chances may be just as good.

  1. Bring a Buddy

Black Friday is NOT a sport you participate in alone! It’s a team effort and if anything, you need someone there to help talk you out of (or into) some of those fantastic deals. One year I convinced my cousin it was great idea to buy every single season of a TV show that she has never seen before…and neither had I. We all give in to a little peer pressure now and then right?

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  1. Leave Anything That Will Annoy You In The Car

That includes your coat, a big purse (leave that sucker at home, and bring a crossbody bag), and anything you have to hold onto like a cup of coffee. I never shop with coffee, I need two hands for shopping and having to hold a cup of coffee only slows me down. Plus, your arms will fill up bags super fast.

  1. Be Prepared to Make Multiple Trips To The Car

You won’t be able to resist the deals, trust me. And this should go without saying, but if you do snag one of those expensive, big ticket items, don’t leave that baby in your car, guard it with your life. Thieves aren’t shy about breaking into cars on Black Friday.

Back Fridy coats

  1. Bring Water/Food

The stores in the mall may be open all night, BUT that does not include the food court or any other eateries. I remember one year waiting in a gigantic line for Auntie Anne’s to open at 6am just to get a damn pretzel.

  1. Stay Hydrated

But don’t drink too many beverages, or you’ll have to track down a restroom every hour.

  1. Bring Some Advil

After eating a gigantic meal, indulging in a class of wine (or 2?), lack of sleep, and a turkey hangover, you’re probably going to need some Advil at some point. Better yet, take it before you even leave the house. You may even want to stock up for all your holiday hangovers on Amazon.

  1. Find Those Hidden Checkout Spots

When shopping at a mega store like Walmart or Target, find those hidden checkout spots! My very first year Black Friday shopping I found myself in the pharmacy aisle with 2 people in line…I was checked out in 10 minutes when the regular checkout lines were LITERALLY wrapped around the entire store. Win!

  1. Comfort is Key

Yoga pants and running shoes are not typically something I would wear while out shopping, but on Black Friday when you’re basically shopping in the middle of the night, anything goes. (And if you’re planning on going to Walmart, you could wear PJ pants or a Halloween costumes and fit right in with those characters).

  1. Go Late In The Day

Not into staying up all night or getting up at the ass crack of dawn? Go late in the day! By this point stores have cleared out, but you can still get the same deals. There is no in between, you either get there when the store opens or wait until later in the day.

  1. Think Outside The Box

Just about anything you can think of is on sale on Black Friday. Are you in need of new appliances? If you can wait until Black Friday to purchase them, you should! The appliance discounts are crazy!

These tips can be applied to any Holiday shopping trip, not just Black Friday. Black Friday is loads of fun especially if you have NO plan. Just finding random awesome deals is the best. And don’t waste your time shopping at a store on Thanksgiving! If there is something you really want, buy it online that day (when many of the sales start).

My biggest Black Friday Tip of All: DO IT ALL ONLINE!

Want more holiday shopping tips? Use my free resource to make your plan of attack here. 

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  1. I am more of an online shopper, but I have some family members who enjoy the Black Friday adventure. They follow many of your tips – plan ahead, work as a team, etc. with great success!

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