Somedays You’re Not Fabulous, Somedays You’re Ugly Barbie

Somedays, you're not so fabulous, somedays you're ugly Barbie. The mom life may not always be a glamorous one, but it sure is a good one. Getting through it with some humor is a must. Don't forget about that self-care, mama! Read more on Remaining Meg Blog

When you were a little girl was there anyone more fabulous than Barbie?

I mean those shoes, those clothes, come on! I so wanted to BE Barbie. My sister and I had a trunk full of them. We had only the coolest 80’s Barbie gear; the car, accessories, the Vanna White gown collection.

Being the younger sister I was automatically designated “Ken”, “Brother”, or “Ugly Barbie” regardless of what we were playing. Ugly Barbie in our household was named Shapoopa (Sha-poop-a). She was too ugly to even be allowed to wear any of our glamorous Barbie clothes so she was always naked. Her hair had been cut off, yet miraculously held a permanent Barbie sized banana clip in it.

The day my daughter asked me to start playing Barbies with her was an exciting day.

I’d been waiting 3 years to play Barbies with her. I sat down at her brand-new doll house with her, ready for a morning of imaginary glamour. She pulled out the platinum blonde, beautiful, collectible, 2016 Holiday Barbie and told me “This is Barbie”. Of course, I smiled and fawned over how great she was. But it was obvious my daughter was claiming her. Then, she pulled out her messy, stringy haired version of Shapoopa. With a stroke of her hair and with a big smile on her face, she said, “This is Barbie’s Mom”…

Somedays, you're not so fabulous. Somedays you're ugly Barbie. Read more Remaining Meg Blog

It was my childhood all over again. After 32 years, I’m still playing Ugly Barbie.

Not only did I have to be my daughter’s version of shapoopa, but this was clearly an art imitating life situation. “Barbie’s Mom” or as I like to refer to her, “Ugly Barbie” is obviously not as easy on the eyes and sports a “Malibu Girl” shirt (no pants). There was a time in my life when I would have been flattered if someone thought I resembled a “Malibu Girl”. This is not one of those times. To add insult to injury “Barbie’s Mom” is always “sleeping”.

You know me, I’m all about the fabulous things; yes, feeling fabulous is super important, but I do like to look fabulous as well. Of course, not every day is a fashion show. I don’t normally put on my best Barbie heels just to hang out with my kids. Somedays changing my clothes and putting on moisturizer is an accomplishment. Maybe I’ve had a few too many of those lately. I’m taking this as a sign that I need to work on my self-care a little bit.

Somedays you’re not so fabulous, somedays you’re ugly Barbie.

 And you just have to be OK with that. There’s always tomorrow.

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Somedays you’re not so fabulous, somedays you’re ugly Barbie. Click To Tweet

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13 thoughts on “Somedays You’re Not Fabulous, Somedays You’re Ugly Barbie

  1. Thank you for this! I laughed so hard when I read the title I had to read it. This post took me back to my childhood, in my case, I was the older sister, so I got to play with the new pretty Barbies and my poor little sister played with the “ugly barbie” and had to live in Hoggie’s Corner with the Ninja turtles. A big sorry to my little sister. Its ok to be the ugly barbie, she got to go on more adventures with my little sister, I never wanted to get my barbies dirty, so they never left the house. Now I am a boymom, so not getting to play with Barbie, we are navigating the world of trucks, cars and Star Wars, I am learning a lot. Thanks for the post and trip down memory lane. Cheers!

  2. My heart goes out to you Momma! I love watching my 8 year old and 3 year old play house, but cringe when one of them chooses to be the “mommy”. For the most part, mommy is cleaning the house all the time, telling everyone to hush because the baby is sleeping, and drinking coffee. Amazing right? Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Too funny, and oh so true. Along with my real Barbie, I had a Barbie-ish doll who was a bit bigger, so she really didn’t fit in all of the clothes and her feet were way too big for those glam shoes. Poor girl was always the last one chosen from the Barbie case.

  4. This made me laugh and think of my childhood days with my little sis as well, we also had a trunk full of Barbies!!

  5. This is so funny. I completely understand how you feel. Although as the oldest sibling, I always got to be the best barbie! I sure don’t feel like that barbie anymore.

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