2017 The Year of Goals, Not Resolutions

2017 The Year of Goals, Not Resolutions - For 2017, I haven’t made any resolutions, I have lifestyle changes and clear goals. I think this will be much more effective - Remaining Meg Blog

Yes, I’m a few days late to the party, on this whole 2017 thing but it’s never too late to set goals for yourself, and that is what I intend on doing in 2017!

The thing about resolutions is that it’s really easy to forget about them, cheat on them or in my case, not make any at all. Most years around Valentine’s Day I say to myself, “Hey, maybe I should make a resolution…nah it’s already February, I’ll just waiting until next year”. I can’t remember when I last made a resolution which means its definitely been too long.

So, for 2017, I haven’t made any resolutions, I have lifestyle changes and clear goals that I am working on accomplishing. I think that this is a much more effective way to approach these resolution shenanigans.

Lifestyle Goal

Healthy Eating: I’m not a “dieter”. I have however, always eaten moderately healthy (with the exception of my killer sweet tooth). Last year before getting pregnant I was eating super health and sticking to a mostly low FODMAP diet for health reasons. But 2016 turned into a bit of a whirlwind and I totally fell off track. My goal is to get back on the bandwagon ASAP! And hopefully feel comfortable enough to wear a 2-piece this summer, though I won’t hold my breath for this one.

Creative Goal

Complete a Children’s Book: I’ve talked about it for years, I have multiple books that I’ve started over the years, but I have yet to finish one. Blogging has helped get me into a regular writing/editing routine and I am determined to complete one in 2017! What I’ll do with it when It’s complete, I still need to figure that out. Baby steps.

Personal Goal

Finding more ‘Me Time’: This is always a challenge. I feel like I have come so far, but as a mom and a stay-at-home mom, this is always an uphill battle. Whether it’s attending a new fitness class, an art class, or some other endeavor, I’m going to try something new this year. I thrive on variety, and I’m always up for an adventure. I joked on Facebook about creating a “play group” called ‘Mom’s (or just ladies) who like to drink wine’. No kids allowed, and we meet at the bar. Moms deserve to pay hard too! Maybe I should pursue this…

 Beauty Goal

Learn a new beauty technique: Did you know that Sephora offers free beauty classes several times a month? They’re taught on Sundays and you can sign up right online. You can learn anything from how to apply winged eye liner, to contouring. I’ve been trying to revamp my beauty routine lately and I think attending one of these would be fun and beneficial! Who’s coming with me?

DIY Goal

Pallet Wine Rack: This has been on my Pinterest to-do list for years. Plus, “It looks easy” (I know, famous last words). Pinterest has steered me wrong on several occasions, but this one really does look simple and would make a great addition to my kitchen. The wine bottles banging around in my pantry are screaming for a cute home.

Blog Goal

When I started writing my content for Remaining Meg last June, I had SO many ideas and I wrote a little bit about everything. I’m going to continue to write about many of the same topics, but try to refine my vision a little, come up with a new tagline, and write more about the topics that are most popular. I also hope to find a little more time to write and I would like to learn more about monetizing my blog (fellow bloggers, I’m open to any suggestions/advice!). Read about what my vision was when I began here.


To make my goal setting even more effective, I really should put a timeframe on these, but since life is crazy and I never know what each day will bring, I’m going to give myself some wiggle room here. But I think I will check in, in 6 months for accountability’s sake to see how I’m doing. If I write them down and put them out there, I’m definitely more likely to follow through.

I’m ready for you 2017, let’s do this.

What are your goals for 2017? 



8 thoughts on “2017 The Year of Goals, Not Resolutions

  1. Hey Meg! Your blog is SO pretty! I think your goals on finding more me time and accountability ring true to me! I am constantly trying to get everyone else’s adgendas checked off, I hardly look at mine. Here’s to our 2017 goals!! Good luck love!

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