How to Have a Spa Experience in Your Own Bathroom

How to Have a Spa Experience in Your Own Bathroom

What is it about the sight of my bathroom door closing that makes my children cry, need a snack, see monsters and poop their pants, simultaneously. I can barely hear myself think most days, let alone carve out 10 minutes of quiet time for myself.

My house is seriously lacking a master bath (something I now realize is a must for our next house) so it can be difficult to escape the chaos of my own home. My bubble bath and wine routine used to consist me of taking 2 sips of wine, sitting in the tub for approximately 3 minutes before my 3-year-old is banging on the door, the baby is crying and I need to help my husband with the situation at hand (mostly because of my control freakness, not his lack of ability to parent). This would result in me mumbling a 4-letter word as I dragged my sad ass out of the tub, then promptly threaten to run away to a spa or a hotel for the night (neither of which would be good for my bank account).

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Instead of being frustrated and saying “screw it” to my relaxation time, I’m making it work- Tim Gunn style. I’ve found several ways to drown out the madness, create a quiet retreat in my own bathroom, and enjoy the much-needed quiet time that I crave (even with my children screaming on the other side of the door).

So How Do I Make My Bathroom a Luxurious Spa Retreat?

I use everything in my arsenal to create one with what I have. And it all centers around the bubble bath….


I start by turning off the lights in my bathroom. My bathroom has no windows so I can’t even see my own hand without keeping on a small nightlight. But, this is all the light I need.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Next, I turn on my essential oil diffuser. You’ve heard me profess my love for my diffuser before in my post on Self-Care Strategies but I seriously love it and I’m totally into essential oils. I can’t believe the difference that I feel in myself when I use them (either through a diffuser or inhaler). So, I’ll put a little lavender, cedarwood or other favorite scent of the moment in my diffuser (about 5 drops) and turn it on. Mine also has a super cool feature where it sequences through rainbow lights. I turn that on for some extra Zen, plus it adds a little bit of light to the room.

Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, or Salts

Now the best part of all, the fabulous goodies I add to my bath. Ever since I discovered Lush Cosmetics, I’m completely obsessed! I still have to try their bubble bars, but I’m hooked on their bath bombs! However, I don’t always have those on hand because I despise going to the mall and also paying shipping. So, if I don’t have one of those I’ll use some bubble bath or bath salts. You can get Epsom Salts for around $2/1lb. bag at Target, or a little cheaper on Amazon for a 3lb bag. Pour in 2 cups of salts and enjoy. Epsom salts also help ease sore muscles, bonus!


In order to drown out the screams of my children, I’ve learned to leave the fan in the bathroom running. It’s just loud enough to muffle any noise I don’t want to disrupt my solitude. I may also put on some Lana Del Rey or Pandora if I’m feeling like my brain needs a distraction. If you’re into nature sounds, put some of those on. My favorite App for nature sounds/white noise is Relax Melodies. It allows you to choose from 50 different sounds and layer them on top of each other so that you can feel like you’re at the beach, during a thunder storm with an oscillating fan and a vacuum running, or whatever else floats your boat.


No further explanation needed.

When I get out, I feel like a new woman!

It’s what I can only imagine getting into one of those sensory deprivation tanks might feel like, minus the claustrophobia.

If I’m fortunate enough to have my children asleep when I get out, I’ll totally take advantage and spend time putting on a face mask, giving myself a pedicure, manicure, or doing a few minutes of yoga. Namaste.

Don’t forget your bathrobe while you’re at it. This bathrobe is one of the greatest you’ll ever use, trust me!

To help me feel like a normal human being, I try to do this at least once a week. It feels good to be able to take some time for myself in the rushy rush madness that is every day. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others, am I right?

How do you get that spa feeling in your own home?

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31 thoughts on “How to Have a Spa Experience in Your Own Bathroom

  1. Oh my gosh….this sounds amazing! I have always wanted to get an oil diffuser! What a great way to use one! Thanks for sharing

    1. Bethany, I use mine daily. Even if I only have 5-10 minutes to shower, I’ll turn it on for a little extra relaxation.

  2. Gosh that sounds nice! It’s definitely not my reality right now (newborn twins ), but hopefully soon! I love the idea of just listening to music instead of reading something or watching something. I don’t do that often enough!

  3. These are great tips! Love the idea of turning out the overhead lights and opting for a softer light source. I have a couple of those real wax coated LED pillar candles around my bath. It’s seriously the most relaxing thing I can think of, makes me want to go take a bath right this minute!

  4. I love this. My kids are a little older now and still come knocking on my bathroom door. I would love to say that it will pass, but it doesn’t. I’m sure even when my daughters are off to college I will be interrupted by phone calls or worst my husband as I will now be the only one he can torture. We are in the process now of remodeling our master bathroom. There is no tub just a huge shower. Which there is nothing wrong with it but I would love to sit in a nice big spa type tub. I love these ideas thank you.

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