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Some days I find myself wondering if my 30’s are really just middle school revisited?

Middle school. The most awkward time in 90% of people’s lives. Yes, there is a small percentage of people that never experience an awkward stage in their life. And we secretly hate them. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy middle school…on second thought, yes, I totally did NOT enjoy middle school. During those two excruciating years I had some killer bangs, (seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me how hideous they were and force me to grow them out?) I wore ill-fitting clothes, (I’m going to pretend this was the 90’s style) and I had a mouth full of braces (for one of those years). To top it off I was a total weirdo! (isn’t everyone at that age?) Thankfully my middle school bestie was just as much as weirdo as me, maybe more so.

Middle School Besties
Middle School Besties and the definition of awkward

Yes, it’s definitely a weird life stage, you’re too old for kid stuff, too young for anything high school related. I’ll never forget trying to buy a copy of Seventeen Magazine with the word S-E-X in huge letters on the front of it when I was in 7th grade. I was shopping for groceries with my mom and it was a firm “NO” on her part. I didn’t put up a fight.

Since entering my 30’s I’ve started to see some scary similarities between middle school and this decade of my life:

You’re Not as Cute as You Used to Be

By the time you hit middle school you’re definitely not as cute as you were as a kid. The baby teeth are gone, and training bra is on (even if you don’t necessarily need it…or maybe that was just me). And there is a big difference between being 31 and being say, 21. In my 20’s, I’d leave the house in booty shorts and a cami, sans bra and feel totally comfortable and confident. Now? It only takes me a whole afternoon to look like a normal human being when getting ready for a night out.

Clothing Fits Weird on Your Growing/Aging Body

There was a time when puberty made everything inside and outside of your body weird. As a girl, you have to learn how to dress all over again. And in your 30’s, no matter how great of shape you’re in, things gradually move as you get older and clothes never fit the same. I feel like I’ve had to figure out where to shop all over again. {sigh}

You Feel Totally Self-Conscious

If middle school could be described as a feeling it would without a doubt be “self-conscious”. Those feeling seems to have somehow crept back into my life in my 30’s. Annoying questions that NEVER used to cross my mind, ‘Do I look OK? Are those wrinkles? Am I too old to wear this?’ now plague my everyday life.

Awkward Attempts at Making New Friends

When multiple schools merged into one you were thrown to the wolves and forced to make new friends. Sharing an interest in 5-star school supplies, cute boys in your homeroom, and super cool pens were always great conversation starters. We used AIM as a means to communicate with our fellow awkward cohorts. Facebook seems to have become the adult version of AIM for our generation. Who else has asked themselves, “Is it took soon to Facebook them?” while trying to make a new adult friend? And don’t even get me started on the awkwardness of making mom friends, that’s a whole other weird beast.

Feeling invisible

There is nothing like a 6 foot tall kid with B.O. that has a locker above you and has to reach over you five times a day (true story). Or how about yelling “Hey ______!” to one of your new friends, and getting no response, because…maybe she didn’t hear you? Those moments were excruciating. As a 31 year old woman, I still experience feeling invisible at times. Sometimes in my own house. Fellow wives/moms, you feel me?

Figuring Out Who You Are All Over Again

Maybe you were a cool kid and star intramural athlete in elementary school. Guess what? Nobody cares! Unless you’ve got a huge rack or rock some serious facial hair, nobody knows who you are. As an adult, I’ve always felt that I had a strong sense of self, but life is not the same as it was in my 20’s, not even close. And I am therefore, not the same either.

Don’t get me wrong, I really am enjoying my 30’s 

Aside from the occasional awkwardness, I really do think that my 30’s are fabulous so far, and they’re only going to get better. The start of my 30’s have been exciting and empowering. My 30’s may not be as carefree as other times in my life. There are definitely more responsibilities, but conversely, more freedom. When I hit 30, I kind of started all over again. I became a mom and quit my job. So, self-discovery and maybe even rediscovery have become the theme of this decade for me thus far. But I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes me, even if it can be awkward at times.

“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be” – Diane Von Furstenberg

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