2018 New Year, New Goals

2018 New Year, New Goals - Remaining Meg Beauty & Self-Care Blog

2018 Let’s Do This!

Seriously, where did 2017 go?! Change is a good thing and I’m welcoming 2018 with open arms. I can’t start 2018 without setting some goals for myself. But before doing that I need to take a look back at the goals I set for myself at this time last year.

I set six solid goals for myself and I can say that I 100% accomplished half of them. I successfully created a playgroup for moms (no kids allowed, and we meet at the bar), took a beauty class to learn a new technique, and one of my biggest and first to accomplish was the revamped of my blog.

Besides my silly DIY project that I will get to someday, my other goals are a work in progress. A healthier lifestyle (the struggle is real for a mom with little ones) is just not happening these days. I may continue to eat Kraft Mac n Cheese with a glass of wine for dinner and not feel bad about it but I will also try to wake up and go to PiYo Saturday mornings more frequently.

The writing of my children’s book needs more time and work. I’ve discovered that I have issues with follow through, or maybe it’s commitment issues, or my inability to make decisions, but I have trouble finishing my books. I have several that I have started over the years, but I just can’t seem to wrap them up. I revise, revise, revise, yet never come up with an ending.  However, in 2017, I started a whole new one, that actually has an ending. I really love it but it needs a bit more refining and maybe some peer editing if I can overcome my fear of failure/embarrassment and let someone else read it. I have also started to research the next steps, how to go about submitting my manuscript and finding a literary agent. So, I have made a plan for myself (with post-it reminders on my bedroom mirror) complete with dates, for accountability.

Since working on getting a children’s book published is such a huge task, and my writing time is a little limited these day, that may mean that I have less time for my blog, but don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! However, you may see me more on Instagram than you will writing blog posts.

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I want to be realistic about my expectations for myself so I’m going to keep the rest of my goals simple for the coming year. Plus, it goes without saying that I want to grow my blog, get more sponsored posts, and collaborate with other fabulous bloggers.

Goals for 2018….

  1. Find more time for myself to simply write. Whether it’s for my blog, my book, or something personal
  2. Be more organized, set a blogging/writing schedule
  3. Last but not least, by December 31, 2018, finally get a book 100% complete AND actually submit a manuscript

Wish me luck! What are your goals for 2018?



3 thoughts on “2018 New Year, New Goals

  1. Cheers for 2018 goals, keep at it! Stay focused and you’ll complete your children’s book, can’t wait for it! I haven’t set any goals yet, just like you I want to be able to accomplish them and be realistic about them.

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