1 Year Blogiversary

Remaining Meg, Helping you remain your fabulous self through beauty and self-care. Read more about how my blog has evolved throughout my first year of blogging in my post on my 1 year blogiversary!

July 1st Marks My 1 Year Blogiversary!

This has most definitely been the fastest year of my life and I can’t believe THIS baby is 1 year old! This one year mark has me thinking back and also looking forward and setting some goals…

What Made Me Want to Start a Blog?

It all started last year when I decided to apply to be a contributor for a local moms’ blog. When I started writing my sample post to submit with my application, I realized that it had been a long time since I did some writing and I desperately missed it. Not only that, but I felt like I wanted to have some ownership over the thoughts and ideas that I was putting out there.  I wanted the freedom to write about things other than the typical ‘mom blog’ topics. My whole life felt like a ‘mom blog’- which I love, but I needed a creative outlet for myself that didn’t involve talking about diapers and play dates. And so, Remaining Meg was born.

It’s Not as Easy as You’d Think  

Once I started writing, I didn’t stop. I spent almost a whole month just writing content. But a blog is SO much more than just writing. It’s website building, photography, graphic design, social media, analytics, and lots of trial and error. For me, the biggest challenges have been (and still are) the technical stuff that comes with creating a blog. When you don’t know anything about building a website and you’re trying to teach yourself, it can feel a bit like you’re on another planet where you don’t understand the language and everyone has way superior technical skills than you. Did I mention that I was 7 months pregnant when I decided to launch my blog? I mean seriously, who does that to themselves?!

Thankfully, my old friend, The Fit Foodie Mama, is a pro and helped me with some of my struggles. When it came time to choosing my domain name, I was a little stuck. I wanted it to be somewhat general so that I had the freedom to write about various topics, yet I needed it to convey what my blog is about. After sending my first post, If I Ever Own a Pair of Crocs to my beauty bestie, Beauty Tutie, she told me, THAT’S the name of your blog, Remaining Meg. And I swear the skies opened up, the sun began to shine and I heard a gospel choir singing “Hallelujah”.

When I first started, I wrote about whatever came to me, and covered various topics

When my second little babe arrived last Fall, having two little ones under 3 was a little chaotic and working on my blog wasn’t happening. However, this time did allow me to take a step back and think about what I wanted to do with my blog. I wasn’t totally happy with the direction it had gone in. It didn’t feel cohesive to me. So, this past winter, feeling a little lost, and strapped for time, I considered giving up my blog. Ultimately I decided against it, as this is something I created for myself and have devoted a huge amount of time to. It’s like another one of my babies! In March I decided I was going to stick with it and do a revamp.

Remaining Meg - a blog that helps you remain your fabulous self through beauty and self-care. You don’t need to embrace the “mom culture” of yoga pants and top knots if it’s not for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel fantastic each day.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

And my heart was drawn to the areas I always gravitate towards- anything related to beauty, pampering, and cosmetics. I also decided to include self-care as this is one area that I truly struggle with and I know that many other woman do as well. I have learned a lot about this in the last few years and writing about it allows me to share what I’ve learned with others, as well as serve as a reminder for myself.

To me, beauty and self-care go hand-in-hand. While I don’t write about a lot of ‘mom topics’, I want Remaining Meg to be a resource for stressed/overwhelmed moms like myself who want to be able to enjoy life, while still looking AND feeling like their glam selves. I want moms to know that it’s OK to do your makeup, put on clothes and feel good FOR YOU. You don’t need to embrace the “mom culture” of yoga pants and top knots if it’s not for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel fantastic each day.

And so, that is where Remaining Meg is now; helping you remaining your fabulous self through beauty and self-care. You can read more about my refocusing on Remaining Meg But Turning Up The Fabulous.

What’s to Come?

This year I’m looking forward to growing my audience and social media channels. I would also like to do some collaborating with other bloggers who share a similar vision. And I’ll definitely be bringing you more sponsored posts. I already have one in the works that I’m really excited to sharing with you this summer! I’m happy with the direction that my blog has taken in the last year, and I’m excited about where it’s going.

Since I’m still a little short on time these days, you won’t see more than one post/week from me (and less than that lately!). So, if you haven’t Subscribed yet, make sure you do, I won’t be spamming your inbox daily.

What do you want to see more of on Remaining Meg?

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